We currently do not have open positions, but we are always taking applications should one become available.

Base Employee Requirements

    18 or older, A high school diploma (or equivalent), decent to excellent knowledge of video games/systems and/or the gaming industry.

About Us / Our Culture

    We are a small, locally owned and operated company which runs two video game stores (one in Syracuse NY and one in Manlius NY)– We pride ourselves on being a non-corporate classic-style game store for the community. A wide range of games and systems (including Retro systems and classic video game systems), fair trade-in pricing, non-scripted and knowledgeable staff, and a focus on community gaming are some of what separate us from our national and regional competitors.

Our Ideal Employee

    Our ideal employee would be someone who loves video games, is hard working, is friendly and who is not afraid of a challenge or a stressful situation. It is not necessary for you to be knowledgeable on every system/game from day one, but decent game/system knowledge and an active interest and desire to learn more is a must. Retail/customer service experience also doesn’t hurt.

The Downside To Work(ing for us)

    Despite being a fun, progressive and dynamic company, we are still a retail store and so typical item processing/pricing/cleaning and sales all still needs to take place, and can be, rather boring and/or rather stressful, at times. Additionally, we work with, and buy items directly from the general public, which can sometimes mean dealing with some unsavory characters (to put it nicely)… As an employee at Voltage, you will sometimes have to deal with people who are pushy, dishonest, obnoxious, and/or downright belligerent. You will also have to buy/clean/process items from the above people– and those items can be: dusty, dirty, smelly or just downright gross. If any of the above concern you or sounds intolerable– then this may not be the right job for you.


    Voltage Employment Application [PDF]
    Note: This application is a PDF, it’s meant to be printed, filled out and returned to our store.

    We thank you in advance for your interest in working with us.

Want To Follow Up On An Application?

    Contact us here or you can send us a Facebook message.