Store Photos

Syracuse Voltage Video Games:

Located in the heart of downtown, across from the TCGplayer Galleries, right by the Hotel Syracuse (Syracuse Marriott) at 437 S Warren St. Directions, our contact info and hours can be found here.

NOTE: Store orientation may look NOTHING like photos. Let’s say we remodeled or something? I don’t know, it’s bigger and nicer now.

Manlius Voltage Video Games (Now Closed):

From May 2014 through January of 2021 Voltage operated a store right in the center of the Village of Manlius, next to Pavone’s Pizza and across from Ironwood at 122 East Seneca St. Thanks to all the customers who supported us there. Here’s some pictures which hopefully bring back fond memories <3: here.

Have pictures of our video game store or you enjoying our products? Send it over! You can upload photos on the form on our contact us